5 VPS Hosting Provider In Indonesia 2021

5 VPS Hosting Provider In Indonesia 2021

Bumrushthecharts.com 5 VPS Hosting Provider In Indonesia 2021 – VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a technology hosting a unique position in between shared web hosting standards and service dedicated server.

VPS is suitable for businesses that require a hosting package that provides more server capacity, functionality, and flexibility compared to a shared server, but not as expensive as the price of a dedicated server.

In other words, VPS hosting gives You the best of both. You get more of everything, but the price is not too expensive.

Here are some basic things that need to be known, but if You want to know more, there are plenty of guides VPS Hosting which You can read on the internet.

More about VPS

VPS allows You to house Your website in a compartment of the virtual on the physical server. Although it sounds like shared hosting, is actually quite a lot of difference because You have an operating system of Your own, the source of the dedicated (CPU & RAM), and storage dedicated in a virtual private server.

VPS Hosting is best uptime reliable, fast speed, and resources quite a lot with reasonable price. They are suitable for a web site that handles high traffic or for more flexibility.

Hosting provider VPS #1 choice of us is Hostinger – with up to 8 core CPU, 8GB RAM, SSD 160GB, and bandwidth up to 8TB!

After sifting through more than 40 web hosts, we present to You the 5 VPS providers top favorite we. We checked the uptime, server speed, and features to each of the hosts VPS, and documenting it all in a special review them each (links below).


Hostinger offers package tiered to the VPS hosting service them, which You can choose according to the needs of Your website. VPS package 1 they offer a basic specification with a bandwidth of 1000 GB (1TB), disk space 20GB, and the RAM around 1GB. If You want more, You can choose VPS Package 6 which gives You a huge RAM 8GB, disk space 160GB, and bandwidth 6000GB.

The main strength of VPS hosting Hostinger is them 30x faster than the average shared hosting service of the other. This makes it one of the VPS hosting provider of the fastest on the market, so if speed is important to You, Hostinger is the right choice.

In addition, their price is also very low for a VPS this level. If you want to save money, You’re not wrong if you choose Hostinger.


The company hosting a server performance solid with live chat support quality, SiteGround is suitable for new and experienced users who want to switch to a VPS to their website.

Package cloud SiteGround are in the same group with the VPS. This package is managed in full with the source dedicated to create and manage cPanel separate.

Package cloud also offers a number of key features that are important for VPS service, such as free CDN with speed improved, the ability to select the location of the server, and VIP customer support 24/7.

Always reliable and well-known speed, SiteGround is one of our top recommendations if You want the speed of loading the site, stability, and higher sales.


ScalaHosting is a leading service provider in the industry that has been met with the performance mediocre. They are not only superior in terms of product quality and service, but also is a true innovator in terms of technology.

This company has spent years working on an alternative cPanel decent and successfully launched it recently. Customer VPS Cloud Managed Scala can now utilize SPanel and the various tools associated with it.

In addition to acting as the hosting control panel web all-in-one, SPanel offer also the other main feature – SShield and managers SWordpress.

SShield help users manage the threat of cybersecurity in real-time. According to internal testing them, SPanel able to block 99,998% of attacks. As one of the free features that are included in the package, this feature has remarkable levels of success.

SWordPress gives the owner of a WordPress site management interface single-point which is very good for all the needs of WordPress them through the interface SPanel. You can install, uninstall, update, and do many other things here.

Overall, this host is commensurate with the price is also fantastic by providing more resources and reliability supported by the best uptime solid.

A2 Hosting

Like Hostinger, A2 Hosting provides the best speed for Your website with VPS hosting them.

With technology such as Optimizer Railgun, preconfigured server caching, and SSD storage to the servers, A2 Hosting is focused on speed.

They offer all the important features You will need for VPS hosting, such as the ability to use cPanel, Linux OS, and allow Root access. But, their main advantage is to provide the server with a speed that’s unrivaled in the industry.

InMotion Host

With InMotion Hosting, You can get server performance is outstanding with high uptime (>99,95%) and Time-To-First-Byte (TTFB) is low (<450md), accompanied by their customer service is solid. Package VPS hosting their very recommended if server performance is Your priority.

Many of the features that You get with InMotion Hosting, for example cPanel license free with CertOS and certificate SSL & SSD class of the company for additional security and hosting high-speed, making it the ideal choice for high-level users.

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