7 Tips For Choosing Web Hosting Indonesia

7 Tips For Choosing Web Hosting Indonesia

Bumrushthecharts.com 7 Tips For Choosing Web Hosting Indonesia – Before choosing who will be lucky to be a provider of web hosting to our website, we study the first type of plot what is the most appropriate for our website.

With the selection of the type of cheap web hosting services that fit the needs, in addition to saving the cost, we can also customize the functionality and usability of our website.

Selection of the type of webhosting services will add to the solid foundation from the website in the future. Here are some typical web hosting that is popular used in Indonesia:

Free Web Hosting Service

There has been no provider best web hosting indonesia that provide this service although the public interest to use the services free hosting is quite high. Ignore the aspect of ’because of the free hosting, then the service given was very minimal and limited’.

In terms of server stability, smooth to the security of the data. Examples of provider free web hosting service is a 000webhost.com.

Shared Hosting Services

The concept of shared is shared. That is one website share the resource server such as RAM and the CPU with other users. One server could be inhabited by little, a little once, hundreds to thousands of clients.

According to the concept of sharing, the cost of server maintenance is certainly divided according to the number of clients. More and more clients who inhabit one server, then the cheaper the cost of rent that must be paid by the client.

But isn’t the server will be more severe? YES! Is the duty of the provider web hosting to have its own standards in the balance between price and quality.

Reseller Hosting

With this package, users can create one provider of cheap web hosting with a brand to the brand itself. Because it has its own brand, the identity of the reseller a highly kept secret by the provider. Even the owner of the reseller account also has the technical support themselves to co

pe with the problems of clients. If happens problems on the server, the owner of the reseller is not directly associated with a server that is problematic, but rather file a complaint to a provider web hosting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

If the needs of the client website can not be met by shared hosting, then VPS is the smart solution. Client gets root access to install a specific module that could not be covered by the shared hosting package.

How can that be? Using a VPS is just the same with a separate user with a user shared hosting. Resource physical server is divided into server-server virtualization where the resource can be allocated in a manner that will not affect server hardware directly. Although the VPS user overload up down though.

Service Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is a service that allows to run applications with high loads that can not be operated in a shared hosting or VPS. The Provider provides a set of physical web server complete with its operating system.

The User gets root access to get to the web server, and served perform server maintenance that has been provided through which access has been provided.

Colocation Services

Almost the same as a Dedicated Server, but the user has fully physical servers at once its own in a data center. Some providers collocation does not provide support directly on the machine the client.

Providing only the electrical, internet access, and storage facilities for the server. Is the responsibility of the user to visit the data center. Perform hardware upgrades or other changes on the server collocation owned.

Choosing A Web Hosting

After quite understand the various types of web hosting on the top and determine which service is right with the specifications of our website, now it’s time to do the selection of web hosting which is suitable for us.

The last Data of the site webhosting.info pertanggal 08/02/2010 put Indonesia in the top 50 countries that have the provider web hosting is the largest in the world. With a total of 233 provider of web hosting, put Indonesia in the 27th position.

The problem is of 233 provider of web hosting, we have to choose one of them. Follow the 7 standard here and we will successfully choose the web hosting that is suitable for us.

Access Speed

Of course it is not fun having a website that is slow when accessed. Especially if it is being done the assessment on our website. Just a tip to check the speed of prospective web hosting is doing a trace route on the potential IP of the server of our website.

The little hop that appear, then the more friendly web hosting of the ISP that we use. But the access speed itself depends not only on one aspect. There are many factors that effect.

Do a lot of testing on a variety of hosting, or discuss with fellow users from other hosting to get a recommendation of web hosting the right.

Able to Maintain Security and Privacy

Data is a valuable item that is very important that we trust to be maintained by the provider web hosting. Web hosting can understand this and be able to keep it confidential is the web hosting that is reliable. Make sure your web hosting is one of them.

Service According To The Promise, 24×7 Hours

Although many web hosting service for 24×7, but be sure that the 24×7 completely filled. Do not hesitate to contact in the hours of sleep or even dawn though to make sure your web hosting to keep his promise.

Support of Data Center and Network Reliable

Let’s go back to play with the analogy. Website building, Hosting as a plot of land. Analogy of the Data Center as a city and Network as the access road to reach one city to another. So travel through the other to your website we smoothly, of necessary support infrastructure of other specialized data center and network of reliable and qualified.

The Friendly and Professional service

The question of sales is the first impression. Of course the first impression is very important to establish a relationship that long. But don’t rush into a decision. Make sure you don’t just on first impression alone your web hosting friendly.

Conformity Prices, Plus Excellent Services

’With the most excellent quality in between the other competitors’. Don’t get stuck with a marketing gimmick such. The price is certainly directly proportional to the quality.

With ever-higher prices, of course the specification of the server getting a good deal, and server maintenance the routine.

Some of the provider web hosting has its own way to suppress the price to be as small as possible but still keep the quality as good as possible. Discover the best web hosting the. Of course, by doing the comparison.

Meet The Best Server Uptime

Each provider of web hosting have a guaranteed server uptime respectively. Server malfunction due to external attacks, maintenance monthly, and so on are usually not included in such guarantee.

The easiest way to know how many percent server uptime is guaranteed by observing the Rules and Services of a web hosting. And once again, by doing the comparison together with your fellow users hosting us.

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