How To Choose The Best WEB Hosting

How To Choose The Best WEB Hosting How To Choose The Best WEB Hosting – Choosing a web hosting indeed should be careful because it could have hosting which is selected it turns out the quality is not satisfactory.

Before choosing a hosting first thing You should do is determine Your needs first. If you already know what You need, You can look for information about web hosting services and are definitely budget-friendly.

In order not to regret choosing the wrong hosting, it helps You remember a few aspects when choosing hosting.


Note the variety of factors that support the performance of the server.


You must know the service support provided by hosting provider. Like the 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support.


Make sure the hosting can guarantee the security of the website of these things is not unexpected that will happen.


Make sure the hosting has the ability to handle a website with a variety of load. Scalability is also closely related with the capacity of hosting that is used because the capacity of hosting influence on the performance of the website also.

How to Choose Quality Web Hosting?

Knowing The Type Of Hosting

  • Shared Hosting : the hosting service is using only one server only, so less flexible when compared to Cloud Hosting.
  • Cloud Hosting : is a hosting service that is connected on many servers but still centralized in the cloud. So the files the website does not only exist on one server, but there are some servers which are connected by the internet. Because it is more powerful and reliable, the cloud hosting is considered to be more superior and if there is one server that is problematic then the website files will be moved to another server.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) : also called a Virtual Server or Virtual Machine is a virtualization technology that can divide the resources of a physical server into multiple virtual sections. If you select a VPS then it takes a basic capabilities of the management and maintenance of the server.
  • Dedicated Hosting : hosting services access control given to the user. The user will be given full control access as root or administrator and is responsible for all maintenance, hardering, control, and security.
  • Colocation Server : almost the same as Dedicated Hosting because it has full control access to the server as well as provide aksesr physical server to the user. So, if there is a company that use Colocation Hosting must do the maintenance of the physical and taking care of the problems of the internet, pernyimpanan server, a source of electrical power, and other technical things.

Have Customer Support 24/7

As a layman who could experience obstacles suddenly when using a hosting service, it takes the help of customer support to resolve the issue. Customer Support is not only limited to pick up the phone or reply to messages containing questions from the client but also served as technical support.

A technical support will guide the client to resolve the problems that are happening directly. One of the best hosting is a service support 24/7.

Choose A Hosting Cheap But High Quality

Nowadays there are many service providers hosting services that can be selected either in the provider domain hosting from abroad and in the provider domain hosting from within their own country.

However, before choosing a web hosting, You should make sure first that You know a hosting service what is offered. Not to have to pay expensive, but the service and technology that is obtained is not satisfactory.

Always the one to check first, especially if using a web hosting for your business like online store, managing organizations, or other companies.

Large Storage capacity with Cheap Price

The storage capacity of hosting related with the type of content that will be posted to the website by website owners concerned. More great type of content that is uploaded then the available storage space will be less.

Choose a hosting with a price that is budget-friendly but with a large storage capacity will help You when one day need an update on the hosting services with greater capacity because the content more and more. In addition to saving the cost also saves time because it is already to choose from the beginning.

Do Not Break The Law

Before choosing your web hosting, first make sure the hosting provider that is selected does not support activities that may violate the law. Because it is very risk on Your website if this happens. If the hosting provider You choose is experiencing legal issues, Your website could have come off by the authorities.

Choose the hosting is indeed tricky, be sure to choose a hosting according to what You need, ranging from the technology, the services provided, as well as the affordable price but with best quality. Hopefully by reading this article You can find web hosting best version of You, yes!

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