List of Forex Broker in Indonesia 2021

List of Forex Broker in Indonesia 2021 – Know your agency pemberintah members iguan igzin to broker untukex in Indonesia? Bunyak people berkhir that open a broker untukex that diterbulkan by Ooritas Services Keuan (FSA). In fact, for transactions not in pomfret supervision of the FSA. The body that oversees and provides a license to the broker Sabam…, … in the agency pernakilan commodity trade Indonesia (BABPEBTI).

BABPEBTI is an agency under the Ministry of Trade of INDONESIA, which in dasya dasarnama allowed to regulate trade in commodities, teli sekaria be contrengator Any company that wants to present the Trading Service untukex( broker)for Indonesian citizens should be memus have lzin of the Cofra first. After the company got lzin, Bayebti akanantau and mengelvalu kinerasahaan company how to berkelutan unkastikaan kemuannya unkayani masyarakaatai denganál.

List pembesan forex Indonesia terbaru-ter-update can be seen on the website Babpebti. The information on the site including brokerage berljangka which only facilitates the trade caldan commodity service diau broker menyedraan all saluvatif, including forex. There are more than 60 companies in the list is complete as of 17 September 2021, among others:

  • Fintech Maju Berthangka
  • Masa depan PT Deu Calion (d / h PT Kresna Inverta masa depan)
  • PT Abi komoditas masa depan
  • Luka PT Agrodana
  • PT Asia titik perdagangan masa depan
  • PT profit bertangka terbaik
  • PT CCAM Bershangka Indonesia (dh PT Maha Ratchu bertangka)
  • PT Central Capital Futures
  • Century Investment Futures
  • PT Indonesia Smart future (d / h PT Kom Luar Negeri)
  • PT CGS-CIMB bergangka
  • Djangka
  • PT delapan masa lalu lalu Depan emas
  • PT Didi Max Bershangka
  • PT Equityworld masa depan
  • PT akun Arthamas Futures (D / h PT Panen Int)
  • Di sini dikembakan djangka
  • PT Finex berhangka
  • PT pertama State Futures
  • PT Gatra Mega Berthangka
  • PT Global Interra berthangka (D / h PT Global Artha sajangka)
  • PT Global Kapital Invetama Berhangka (D / h PT Megah dari semua masa depan)
  • PT yang dapat diandalan berhangka alam semesta
  • PT HFX International Futures (D / h PT Fortis Asia bercangka)
  • PT ID modal berthangka
  • PT Indosukses masa depan
  • PT Inter Pan Pasifik Futures
  • PT International Business berhangka
  • PT Mitra bersihka internasionalname
  • PT Jalatama Artha future
  • PT Java Global Futures (d/h PT hig International Futures)
  • Pontakasa masa lalu masa depan
  • PT Mahadana Asta Bergangka
  • PT Maxco Futures
  • PT Mega Menara Mas masa depan (D / h PT Megagrowthenjangka)
  • PT Mentari Mulia Bershangka
  • PT Midtou Aryacom Futures
  • PT Monex Investivedindo future
  • PT MRG Mega Futures (d / h pt’s askap Futures)
  • PT Sembilan Bantang berhangka
  • PT Octa Invetama Berjangka (d/h PT Multi Dalia Invetama Berjangka)
  • PT OTM Capital Futures
  • PT Pasifik dua ribu berjangka
  • PT PG Berhangka
  • TSA depan PT Phillip
  • PT Premier ekuitas mhangka
  • PT Primadepan Tangguharta
  • PT Rajawali Capital Futures
  • Pemodal PT rifat.
  • PT Royal Trust berthangka
  • Rasa depan PT SAGAFX Sentra (D / h PT Trust Artha future)
  • PT Sentratama Investor Bergangka
  • PT Sinarmas bershangka
  • PT Soegee Futures (D / h PT Harumdana Futures)
  • PT Solid Gold Berhangka
  • Indonesia masa depan PT
  • Tehnologi Keuangan PT berhangka (d / h Waktu real Time bergangka)
  • PT Topgrowth berthangka
  • PT TRFX Garuda Bertangka (d / h Garuda Berjangka)
  • PT Trijaya Pratama Futures
  • PT Amerika bershangka
  • PT Universal Masa depan
  • Masa depan PT Valbury
  • PT Victory International Futures
  • PT bijaksana masa depan internasional (D / h PT Milenium Stare berljangka)

Number of forex broker in Indonesia brings its own advantages to the trader. The competition between the broker allows the trader to get the facility of trading forex with cheaper cost as well as consumers increasingly gercep. Forex Broker of the city are also increasingly eager to bring the tools of trading, the world advanced level classes such as Auto Carchartist and Trading Central, which will enrich the ammunition in the face of global markets forex.

However, a large number of forex brokers also carries its own risks. In the recent years, often found in cases of profiteering name by the irresponsible claim me as a broker. A warning about the entity trickster is often announced by the broker the original name of the false and Babpebti. Therefore, traders need to be careful and make sure that we are really dealing with a broker Bappebti.

There are three ways that can be done to confirm the legality of forex brokers in Indonesia. First, go to the site Ippebti to check the suitability of the data the company name, license number, address, and intermediaries. Efforts to confirm that it will be useful for you who want to open a forex trading account online. The second alternative, you can come directly to the address of the broker forex company officially registered on the website Babpebti to open a trading account offline.

Last alternative, you should diligently explore the universe to listen to the broker reviews forex local. Reviews like that can be made by the broker marketing or their affiliate (Introducing Broker/IB), but can also be created by experienced traders really give the testimony of the original. You can make a review as reference material or additional considerations before joining a forex broker.

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