There is Bitcoin | Ethereum | Degocoin etc | this explanation and the type of crypto currency

There is Bitcoin | Ethereum | Degocoin etc | this explanation and the type of crypto currency – Jakarta The name Bitcoin, Degocoin, Ethereum is some of the crypto currencies that are trending these days. What is it crypto currency?

Crypto currency or cryptocurrency, sourced from the impressions YouTube the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo), is a digital asset that is designed for a medium of exchange using cryptography.

Cryptography is very strong to secure financial transactions, verify the transfer of assets, and control perciptaan additional units.

Although used as a tool of exchange, money crypto in Indonesia can not be used as legal tender.

However, You can still utilize cryptocurrency as a medium of investment right shares.

The beginning of the emergence of cryptocurrency

A Cryptocurrency or crypto currency has existed since 1998 and was initiated by Wei Dai.

But in the year of the crypto systems could not be implemented because the user can duplicate the currency because there is not a record of the transaction.

Alerts from impressions YouTube Kominfo, in 2008 the developer who named the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto can solve this problem.

In the next year, Bitcoin is a crypto currency with the technology of blockchain was first launched.

Current Bitcoin be one of the currencies most favored by the people of the interested by cryptocurrency.

Each person using the crypto currency has the account number like your bank account number.

The account number is called the public key while the password of the named stream is key.

Because two things this crypto currency has a science called cryptography which is almost impossible to hack by other people.

Kinds of crypto currency

Cryptocurrency has no physical form of the right eye of cash and are on the internet.Crypto currency is not stored in the bank or the e-wallet.

Currency is stored in a system called blockchain Blockchain will be set up and manage transaction data digital currency. While the managers are the users themselves and not a third party.

Transactions using this system is open and free, in addition, transactions are also anonymous, which means You can not know the identity of other users. Types of crypto currencies currently circulating among them are:


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